Sunday 14 October 2018

Zomtober 2018 Week 2 - Necrotic Exponential

After last week's pair of biters, this week I raise the stakes with an offering of four:

Again, Mantic Walking Dead Walkers re-based onto 30mm DS lipped bases.

More shades of rotting flesh on display again, including a green that I daubed with splashes of Athonian Camoshade to look gross and rotten, like maybe the zombie fell in a river before dragging itself out to wreak havoc on the living...

Unusually, these were finished this morning (rather than the usual 'fifteen minutes before the post and the paint is still wet in the photos'), and so I got to take some pictures in natural light, which didn't turn out great, so here are some single shots in hand to try and give a better idea of what the colours actually look like:

Adventures in basing continue, including accidentally discovering a new method for making sunken concrete bases that I may get round to documenting later in the month - my advice is though, get a helper:


19 vs -47 = +66


  1. Really nice work. I like painting the Walking Dead Zombies, they have character, and you’ve brought that out excellently.

  2. Looking good! I love the poses of the walkers, it seems they have a story to tell.

  3. Excellent! That "grandpa" Walker is a favorite of mine, I think it's that sweater that does it 🙂

  4. Nice work they all look great. They look good rebased as well.

  5. Really nice work, excellent additions to the horde. :)

  6. Good looking bunch! Like that cardigan feller especially.