Sunday 21 October 2018

Zomtober 2018 Week 3 - Make America Grey Again

Continuing the projected growth in output, this week I submit 6 walkers as my entry for Zomtober:

Ugh, my photography is bad this week. The Mantic walkers are actually quite nice sculpts, on the most part, barring some soft facial features like the chap munching on a handful of guts (which is an odd outlier - just compare it to the facial detail on the chap in blue!)

I had some fun adding a couple of little details this week (as hey, you should always at least strive to amuse yourself), like making one of the walkers a redneck in a 'Make America Grey Again' hat:

Or a floral shirt and heart marked cap:

Whilst freehand isn't my strongest skill (that honour would probably have to go to procrastination, or making overly ambitious project plans), I'm pretty happy with how the flowers on his shirt came out. Even if my daughter thought they were stars when I asked her to identify them.

I also continued my adventures into diversifying the skin tones in my walking dead, including using some flesh tones from Foundry, like on this guy:

This particular one didn't look too hot on first application though, so I played with my new pot of Athonian Camoshade to try and make him look a bit manky and gangrenous. It looks... OK, I guess. Sunday deadline hit though, so good enough is good enough.

The Tally took a hit in the other direction as well this week, as this chap turned up from eBay:

Someone posted on Instagram or Facebook that they'd recently unearthed this classic Marine Sergeant sculpt, which kicked off a wave of nostalgia for me, so off to eBay I went, and promptly forgot that I'd placed a bid until I got the notification that I'd won! I have vague plans to make him a Devestator Sergeant , as I'm fairly certain that I've got a box of them tucked away somewhere...


25 vs -46 = +71

Next week - a fourth post on time, I hope!


  1. Great stuff! Your shirt and hat details are bang on 🙂

  2. Love the work! The freehand shirt is excellent!

  3. Excellent work on all 6. Love the freehand work on the hat and shirt, and +1 on the utility of Athonian Camoshade for detailing zed skin.

  4. Fantastic work on these! I still avoid trying to paint patterns, when I know that most clothes these days are. One of these days I will take the plunge, or find some decals that will take care of that end of things!

  5. Fab job love the freehand on the shirt. I Shall have to try and remember to have a go on some of my own zombies.

  6. I love the little details that you're putting in. Nice stuff.

  7. Excellent work on the latest batch of zombies. :)

  8. Love em! Think I'll add a MAGA zed head when I build my next batch.