Saturday 30 April 2016

Acquisitions part 2: Winter has come!

Shortly after posting my last post, the aforementioned parcel from Germany arrived!

That's incredibly speedy service - I ordered these at 11 at night on Tuesday, they were despatched Wednesday and then arrived Saturday! That's quicker than the Skaven in my last post took to get to me from one county away, let alone another country!

I got the set of three, and they really are gorgeous:

They come with washers and magnets, and even a length of absolutely tiny modelling chain for the reins for the mounted figure - I'm absolutely blown away by this, as most miniatures don't even come with spears, let alone this amount of stuff!

I originally got in touch with Elmar at Elladan on Facebook to enquiry whether anyone would be stocking these at Salute, as these days money is a bit tighter than the halcyon days of I frugal youth, so to save on postage I tend to do most of my miniature spending once a year at Salute. Alas, no one was, so I popped an order on Elladan's new web store - the set, including postage from Germany came to around twenty pounds, which is eminently reasonable considering their quality! Elmar also threw in a few samples of some of their resin bits as well, to take the sting off of paying postage!

So overall, fantastic miniatures, fantastic service, and ridiculously fast delivery - go and order some from here (and no, I'm not on commission, I'm genuinely impressed!)

These arriving takes the Tally to:

20 vs 370 = -350

These will get based and painted along with the Gripping Beast Revanents that I picked up at last year's Salute, which might get supplemented with some more damaged wights if I can find someone with a spare command sprue of Mantic skeletons that they're willing to trade...


  1. Fantastic looking figures and extra's!
    Sometimes postal services work very quick. My last package I've sended was from Belgium to Hungary! It took one and a half day! Supersonic fast!