Sunday, 1 May 2016

For Sale or Trade

Having a bit of a clear out before an upcoming house move, I thought I'd offer some things up here and on the Lead Adventure forum before listing them on eBay - trades or cold hard cash wanted!

Chaos Defiler:

A Chaos Defiler, still on sprue. I think this came in an army boxed set that I bought at a Games day many, many years ago.

Eldar heavy weapon grav platform:

An elder grav platform with crew and a selection of 3 weapons - the crew have been previously stripped, and still have a few remnants of paint on them. If I keep this, I'll end up making an Eldar warband to justify it (I'm sure I've a couple of guardians in my bits box, and that converted chap that came in the big box of warhammer I got last month dammit stop it brain!)

1/72 Valiant American GIs

A sprue of these, which just aren't the right scale for me! Unless I were to make a toy shop scenery piece, and used these as Action Men...

Malifaux dogs:

Canine Remains 1&2 blisters, bought back when Malifaux was new and shiny for use with my zombie project, but the scale difference is just too big!

Plastic gutter runners:

I'm not a fan of these plastic sculpts, so I bought some metal ones to replace them. If I get desperate for them for nostalgia purposes, I'm sure I've got a sprue of them in my Mordheim boxed set! 12 in total, one missing a base (although I'm sure I can find you one if you don't already have hundreds)

Plastic Wood Elves:

1 Lord

(He's quite nice - I'd be tempted to keep him just to paint, but figured that if someone wanted a bunch of Wood Elves or Wanderers or whatever they're called these days they would probably want a Lord to lead them too...)

1 wizard type?

(May be a conversion, at a guess?)

18 stag riding elves (some male, some female) - a quick google suggests that they're Wild Riders and Sisters of the Thorn

2 standard bearers

13 archers

9 elves with bow and hand weapon (these look like more modern sculpts than the archers)

Will require some TLC, as they lived in the bottom of a box for a year before finding their way to me (some antlers have taken a bashing - I'll include any and all broken pieces that I can find)


Cash money - I'm moving house, and need to buy things like a kettle and a microwave.

Metal Skaven of the Jes Goodwin era:
A Poison wind globadier (as I'm currently one short of a legal unit)
Pack masters
Champions (pointing guys)
Guy with long rifle (champion with jezzail or warp musket I think he was called?)
Anything, really... Jez Goodwin goodness like these sorts of things:

Metal gutter runner(s) with shuriken
Engineer heads with gas mask from Doomwheel or warp lightning cannon for a conversion (or two!)

Star Wars dark times Zuckuss (as then I'll have all the bounty hunters in miniatures, and can finally get around to painting my lovely Knight Models Boba Fett that I was saving until last!)

Roron Corrob miniature (because I have vague designs on gaming Palpatine's abduction from the Clone Wars cartoon)

Lord of the rings ruffians (especially the chap with a club and noose) for a Brotherhood Without Banners warband for the ASOIAF project

Batman miniatures game cops, deadshot, to go into the box where I keep the rest of my sealed and unused Batman Miniatures Game blister packs...

Brother Vinni nuclear sandlot miniatures (Mr handy, brotherhood of steel etc)

Ezio auditore da firenze heroclix (the one in white robes with his arms crossed in front of him)

Ventriloquist heroclix (the batman villain)

Metal Lelith Hesperax (the Juan Diaz one rather than the original) for a Slaanesh champion conversion

A single Juan Diaz Daemonette, some Dark Eldar Wracks (the original release, not the plastic ones) and maybe a couple of plastic wyches for a Path to Glory warband to go with the aforementioned Slaanesh champion

Various dwarf slayers, mostly marauder era, but especially the one stood with his foot up on a dragon head...

A plastic Imperial Guard Commissar, because that is just a nice miniature

The tech-priest from the Castelan robot set, because he's the closest to a Delphan Gruss style miniature there is!

A command (?) sprue of mantic skeletons (the one with the skeletal dog) to make some emaciated wights for my white walkers to lead along with the Gripping Beast revenants I bought at Salute last year...

Some LOTR Rangers (Faramir's Rangers I think?) to induct into the Night's watch, potentially including Ranger Faramir himself to convert into a Ranger Captain (so I don't mind if he's battered and missing a limb or two!)

Perry miniatures agincourt French infantry plastic miniatures box set because I think my Baratheons are going to have a French flavour to them when I get round to making them...

Lucid Eye cro-magnons (especially the chief!) and assorted Frostgrave miniatures to convert into wildlings...

Frostgrave miniatures - the witch and apprentice, the pack with the knight and Templar, or the cult barbarian and thief pack mostly (for wildlings and hedge knight conversions)

Pretty much any of the metal Star Wars miniatures released by Wizards of the Coast: see here: as they're all rather nice and I've somehow never seen them until recently!

Maybe some metal 2nd/3rd edition Eldar if I end up keeping the weapon platform mentioned earlier...

Or any other things that interest me or are of use to my multitude of unfinished projects...

I'll probably leave this page up and update it with new things as the clearout continues, so watch this space!

Leave a comment or email me at my username at gmail dot com if you want to talk business (or ask for less awful pictures of anything in particular!)

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