Tuesday 19 January 2016

Take my love, take my land, wait, wrong Firefly...

I like Batman's roster of villains - you've got the Joker, insanity personified; the scarecrow, the master of Fear; but then you've got guys like Garfield Lynns, a pyromaniac who gets taken under the wing of Killer Moth (chortle) and so pootles around with a pair of wings and a flamethrower. Chortling aside, he makes a few appearances that I've enjoyed in the Batman comics I'm currently reading (Knightfall era), including one where he gets a girlfriend, but she is disappointed to discover that his idea of the next step in their relationship is murdering her with fire whilst ranting about how he sees ladies dancing in the flames rather than anything more traditional. Also, my decision to pluck him out of the half-painted queue might have been affected by wanting to be able to post this screen-cap on here:

A mighty foe for the Batman indeed, foiled only by fire escapes (and yes, I am amused enough by comics panels that are amusing out out context to have a Pinterest board solely dedicated to them)

But anyway, blathering aside, here's what I've painted:

One of the nicest heroclix sculpts I've come across, if I recall correctly after his long bath in fairy power spray (that removed approximately 0% of the original paint job) he was actually four seraparate pieces that go together so seamlessly you'd barely notice.

Quite a limited colour palette (all the better to paint you quickly with my dear!), but a nice finish overall; I had a play with mixing some purple and blue glazes to make the nozzle of his flamethrower look somewhat heat-damaged, but I think I may have taken it a bit too far...

The smoke was surprisingly fun to paint, gradually lightening and smooshing colours around on it! 

Finishing him brings the Tally to:

2 vs 0 = +2


  1. Nozzle looks fine from here.

    Very nice piece overall and a whackjob of a character I must say!