Wednesday 20 January 2016

A prize and a project pledge

First of all, this came in the post the other day:

A prize from the draw over on the lovely Ray's blog (who I'm sure you're all following already) - I almost missed out on this, as when the battery in my old phone started mysteriously swelling, as well as losing all my photos I lost my blogroll (and can't seem to get it back, despite several pleas to Bloglovin, the app I use for reading blogs on mobile devices) so I haven't been able to see anyone's posts for about s month now :/ luckily, Ray tracked me down and let me know I'd won though, so hoorah!

And now, a pledge.

I have a lot of half-painted miniatures.

A lot.

When I was much younger, and just getting back into this wargaming lark (painting miniatures from Darkson Designs for AE:WWII), I had a system - three small trays, each of which was probably large enough to hold 3 based miniatures. I didn't let myself start anything new until I'd cleared a space on a tray by finishing a miniature, and so would often force myself to finish something because I was desperate to paint something else that had caught my eye! Over time, my adherence to this system lapsed, and now I have several drawers full of half-painted (or in some cases just undercoated) miniatures.

So, I'm going to try and reinstate the project box in place of the three tray system:

It's currently full of various half-painted miniatures (all of which got popped in here at one point or another 'just to tidy them out of the way until I finish them' - as a brief aside, I thought my long-ago built but never finished Path To Glory war band was in this box, but looking at the picture whilst writing this post I can clearly see that they're not, and am wondering where I've put them...) and I plan to only work on miniatures that are currently in progress in the box, and will not build or undercoat any new models until there is a suitable space in the box for them (although before I embark on this I might swap some miniatures out from the project box for something from the drawers - maybe I'll give myself an out of 'I can only take something out of the box if I swap it for an equivalent volume of half-painted miniatures').

That doesn't sound so bad, I hear you say?

I'm also including the rest of the miniatures in the cupboard where this box lives in that:

So only once that volume of miniatures is reduced to the point that I have space in the project box can I start something new.

My, that's a lot of scarecrows.


  1. That sounds like a great plan, I have scores of undercoated or half painted models that get passed over when the new shiny stuff appears and the best models get painted and the rank and file get undercoated and done half painted....etc

  2. Sounds like a good system. I intended to kill some half finished projects last year......and failed. This year I've managed to clear a tray already! Maybe my luck is contagious. Hoping for good things in 2016.