Wednesday 14 October 2015

Zomtober weeks 2 & 3

Too late for last week and too early for next week, I've decided to split this offering and have it count for both!

So here we have 4 zombies sans clothing:

These were originally bought from Tengu miniatures, who I believe are no longer trading, although these particular sculpts are now available from CP models.

Their lack of clothing was the reason they got painted, as I figured that t would take me roughly the same amount of time to paint any amount of skin on a zombie, so the less other colours needed the faster they would get finished! All else failing, if I don't manage to finish anything else for this Zomtober at least I've hit my original challenge of completing 5 models!

I'm sure you're all wondering: why grey zombies? Honestly, at this point it's mostly because I've got over 100 of the things painted grey, but way back in the mists of time when I started this zombie project (March 2009, according to PMs on the Lead Adventure forum sourcing my first Horrorclix zombies from a nice chap in Spain) fresh faced past me decided to go for a Romero influenced look. He also decided to go with 30mm lipped bases, whereas older wiser me is leaning more towards smaller bases, but that's a discussion for another time! When I get round to converting and painting some miniatures for the The Last Of Us inspired project I should get to paint a zombie in different colours, so there's always that to look forward to!

These four bring the Tally to:

30 vs 130 = -100 (the more eagle-eyed of you may have noticed that my acquired figure has gone down by one since the last post - I sent off a figure in a trade over the weekend!)


  1. I really enjoyed the Last of Us radio show for a while, but it went a bit soap-opera-ish for my tastes towards the 4th quarter of the show.

    Naked zombies look great. Meat turns brown when deprived of oxygen. Skin turns grey. Blood turns darkest brown to black. It's all yucky, but I find your colour to be accurate enough in my mind.

  2. More splendid additions and I really like they grey. I'm also having the same battle with those 30mm bases, but haven't got the heart to go back and rebase everything.

  3. Kudos on your zombie love dude! Your grey skin looks really good.

  4. They look excellent and a fine colour choice IMHO. :)

  5. So what is your `skin recipe'? Quick and effective with a great finish, no downside for me.

    1. Secret ;)

      Over a black undercoat, I mash in a really patchy cost of codex grey from a pot that is almost entirely dried up, that I have to mash around with water / saliva to reconstitute enough to use as a paint! It being so mangled gives a slightly mottled texture. Then comes a drybrush of light grey (fortress grey, I believe) and there you have it, zombie flesh ready for additional details like wounds and blood splatters!

    2. *on *coat
      iPhone is not the best platform for postin comments it turns out...