Saturday, 18 August 2012

A winner is me!

My prize from Lord Siwoc's recent competition, or should that be Lord S(iw)ock?

Wreck-age limited edition Kickstarter miniatures (including a baconbomb, a pig strapped with explosives!), a Lord Siwoc zombie survivor magnet (that hasn't gone up on the fridge yet, as I'm moving house in the next fortnight, but rest assured, it will be used in anger) and a pair of stripy socks, which cracked me up when I opened the envelope. Anyone reading this that hasn't yet visited Lord Siwoc's blog is advised to go and have a nose, I mean, he actually plays games with his zombies ... (one day gadget, when I finish (re)writing my ruleset...)


  1. Great to hear it arrived!! The baconbomb is mighty! Hehe and good to hear I made you laugh! We actually sell ALOT of these kind of socks mate!

  2. Nice socks! I won some like these!!

  3. I'm so behind on your blog! ... but I had to comment on those socks.......... What? ... I still didn't comment on them? Ah well... that's just how I roll ;)