Sunday 9 September 2012

And lo, I return..., post-Reading Festival, and post-birthday (not in that order). Nicole went all-out this year, and amongst the piles of other presents was an order confirmation for some Games Workshop goodies that I got to pick up yesterday:

Dark Vengeance (cultists woo!), as well as the Mordheim Frenzied Mob and an Undead warband, both of which made their way onto my birthday list as part of the long planned Zombieslayer project. Speaking of the birthday list, I emailed some bits and bobs to Nicole, including the 1989 Nurgle Champion with Halberd that I'm currently after, which a GW employee apparently claimed could be ordered... alas, he was wrong. Does anyone have one? I tried over on the LAF, but so far all quiet... This chap:

So, piles of miniatures: good for making me happy, not so good for the tally:

68 vs 161 = -93


Post-move, we're partially unpacked, but all my toys are still locked away in their boxes, so no positive swings to the tally just yet. Path to Glory remains a priority though (as long as I don't get distracted by the shiny new push-fit Dark Vengeance plastics), with the Marauders at the top of the list.

Speaking of the move, whilst on a jolly up to Ikea to buy furniture (yes, and stock up on cork), we nipped into Bluewater where I was able to snap a couple of pics of the Ork Baneblade painted by John of John's Toy Soldiers:

Gorgeously modelled and painted, and worth having a nose at if you find yourself in the area!