Wednesday 1 August 2012

Ghetto Wet Palette

So, whilst procrastinating from painting the multiple iterations of Master Chief that are currently in the painting queue (the armour came out a lot darker than I was expecting after the wash, and I'm umming and ahhing over starting over or just pressing on regardless) I decided to make a ghetto Wet Palette out of everyday household items, as I begrudge paying twenty quid for something I can make out of tat I already own.

There are a number of good tutorials around for this, the only one that I can remember offhand being this video, but essentially it boils down to a couple of basic ingredients:

A receptacle (in this case a Limited Edition Femme Militant tin, I assume the John Blanche autograph on the back is printed on...), some water (not pictured), something to soak with said water, and baking parchment. That's it. Soak the sponge in water, bung in a bit of cut-to-size baking parchment, and voila:

Instant Wet Palette. Although I admit it may currently be a little too wet. Currently using it to paint Cortana for Halo, which is less fun than expected as it's rather hard seeing where you're painting on a see-through-miniature...

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