Wednesday 21 February 2024

All quiet on the western front…

So, having spent a month and a half unpacking, we’re still not done. Not even halfway, potentially. But even so, I figured it was time to pull out some of my miniature bits, as all work and no play makes Jack a full boy, or so it is said.

While I haven’t been doing any painting, I have started prepping some miniatures, which if you look at the swathes of prepped but unpainted miniatures in my house you might think was my actual hobby…

After watching one of the Spider-Man movies with my youngest (as he was insistent we watch the second Andrew Garfield movie, but we thought the Gwen Stacy death scene might be a bit much as he’s only four) I dug out some of my painted Superheroes and some Heroclix mats and whipped up a quick set of rules so that we could play out some four colour tights & fights action:

Opposed rolls, different size dice for different skill levels. More play testing required perhaps, as these were thrown together in about half an hour.

A bin was the first thing I found that could be used as an objective, so Spider-Man, Scorpion and Boom Boom were fighting to recover secret plans that had been dropped in the trash…

After the first game, we added a second character each (as it wasn’t much fun for my youngest getting knocked out relatively quickly) 

My dice rolling remained characteristically terrible though, here’s me using Scorpion’s power attack (allowing him to sacrifice two actions to roll double dice, which against an opponent rolling a single, probably smaller, die, should be nigh on unstoppable) and absolutely whiffing it.

Despite not doing any painting so far this year, the Tally has taken a hit as my wife bought me some miniatures as part of my Valentine’s present:

Half-orcs and Tieflings, as I mentioned that I didn’t have any miniatures of either, which takes the Tally to: 

0 vs 4 

The rain let up enough for me to spray some minis too, so there may even be some painting in my future…

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