Friday 2 June 2023

Insert joke about head here

Finished not long after the last guy, is this pair of terrors:

Penanggalans are a type of Asian vampire wherein as far as I have gathered they soak in a bath of vinegar until their body dissolves, leaving them as a floating evil head trailing its lungs and guts behind it - delightful!

I’m not sure where they’ll fit into my Ronin of Shadow Deep project, but I’ve wanted a penanggalan miniature for ages (in fact, until recently the oldest open tab on my iPad was a google search for “penanggalan miniature”) and finding this pair in a bargain bin at Salute was serendipitous! 

Finishing them brings the Tally to:

23 vs 42 = -19

I should probably paint some heroic figures now, right?


  1. Great work on these disturbing creatures.

  2. I like where this is heading to, but I have some problems trying to find the true body of this post XD
    No, seriously, they are really unsettling, what a great job!