Saturday 31 December 2022

The traditional end of year scramble…

 …to get the Tally back into the black:

Wolves! Ten, to be precise, as that’s how many you need to play the first solo Silver Bayonet scenario, and coincidentally the exact number needed to rapidly drybrush of an evening across the last week of the year to get the Tally back to zero.

‘But wait’ I hear you cry ‘in your last post the tally was only at minus six?’. That’s right, dear attention-paying reader, but Christmas has happened since then, and one of my presents was these:

A pack of medieval beekeepers from Midlam Miniatures, and accompanying hives. My wife has queried that I count miniatures towards the Tally but not small scenic pieces like the hives, but that’s just how the rules work. She also asked why I hadn’t painted the eyes on the wolves when I asked her opinion on them at nearly midnight last night when I thought I was done, so she clearly wants me to fail. (I did in fact then paint the wolves eye though)

End of year Tally total:

85 vs 85 = +0

1 comment:

  1. The wolves look great, and excellent work on the tally. Hope you have a very happy new year.