Sunday 24 July 2022

Ratling Gun!

The next step in my plan to conquer the overworld (or at least the part of it the chum I’ve challenged to paint a Warhammer army is standing on) with a sea of ratty types is completed:

Gorgeous, and a joy to paint, even if grey-furred ratmen don’t show up particularly well against my usual display board background.

I was so happy with these that they even got their vanity shots done using actual sunlight, unlike 99% of what I paint which gets photographed at midnight in my basement or balanced on my dining room table. See also, tufts and flock, making them technically the only fully finished mini in the whole army!

So, why the Ratling Gun? The first benchmark is 500 points, against an opponent painting an equivalent amount of Bretonnians, so my options from the miniatures in my collection were:

Poisoned wind mortar - move AND fire, good at killing knights
Warp fire Thrower - absolutely archetypical, good at killing knights
Ratling Gun - most likely to misfire, bad at killing knights, punny name

Me, in this situation:

Eh, I made the right choice. We’ll see how it goes, I’m generally luckier with D6s than I am with D20s. Plus, at this low points level the Bretonnians have a general on foot, so you never know…

The Tally took a hit in the opposite direction too this week, as GW are offering a free Skaven to cut out and keep this month, so I made an excuse to nip in for a pot of paint (not pictured) and grab one of those:

I mean I’ve got dozens already, but I always need more right? I might see about getting a pack master arm from somewhere and converting him, as the old plastic pack masters look a bit chonky compared to the modern cleanest sculpts.


49 vs 47 = +2

And to end the post, here’s a group shot of the army so far:

All 140 points of it so far - the Ratling Gun is only 7 points shy of that unit of Slaves it’s next to!


  1. The ratling gun looks great, and the army is looking great as a whole, and too true you can never have too many skaven, good luck in your first game against the Bretonians

  2. Ratling guns are fundamentally cool. I used to play Bretonnians - in fact the first battle report I can remember was skaven v Brets in an old White Dwarf. Hope the gun doesn't blow itself up!

  3. I feel like a grumpy old man when I contemplate the ratling gun. What's this new fangled technology!? Why back in my day flamethrowers, poisoned globes, and jezzails were good enough *hrumpf hrumpf*

  4. The name alone is worth the points, what a great addition.