Friday 8 July 2022

Clutter makes a house a home

And I’m assuming the same is true for dungeons.

Looking at Frostgrave, Rangers of Shadow Deep and Dungeons & Dragons, one thing I realised was I needed more oddments of scatter terrain to give rooms some personality. So, with that in mind, as a little palette cleanser between Skaven regiments I finished off this:

Even gnolls need somewhere to eat their tea, right? The table looks a bit 3d printed in this picture (new phone, new camera, new clarity apparently) but I can assure you it’s not, it’s from the same Frontline Miniatures set I used to build my Fallout scavenger camp way back when.

No change to the Tally, as they’re not actual miniatures, but rest assured, they’re not the only palette cleanser on my painting tile right now…

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