Saturday, 19 February 2022

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In an outstanding act of continuing project focus, I’ve finished the next model for my Frostgrave warband, a tracker:

I know I could have just used the Tracker that I previously painted, but I had the Cultist Tracker knocking around and thought he fit the aesthetic of a Necromancer somewhat better…

Plus, that’s one step closer to a completed Wildling warband for the ASOIAF project that he was originally bought for! 
Finishing him brings the painted warband as it stands to this:

Only three more miniatures to paint until it’s time to venture into the frozen city! 

In addition to changing thanks to me finishing painting something, the Tally has taken some other swings recently too:

A while back, hankering somewhat for the days of my youth, I challenged some chums to build a 500 point Warhammer army ahead of the launch of Warhammer The Old World, figuring that with that vague an endpoint it felt like an achievable task. Since then, it has morphed into an eighth edition escalation league of sorts, although we’re still very light on the details (there’s a Facebook group and a Reddit for our road to the old world if anyone else cares to take part).

One challenger chose Bretonnians, but using alternative miniatures as he’s not yet as far as I know won the lottery. After discussing alternative miniature options, I realised that I had pretty much everything he needed in my backlog, including a spare eighth edition rulebook. Handily he lives a road up from my Mother in Law, so I was able to drop this care package off earlier today:

(I also dug out a shield for the foot Knight after taking this picture)

And was also gifted these treats:

Yes, I’m running Sisters of Battle in a fantasy challenge, I’m going to shoot his knights right off the board!

So, all movement factored in the Tally now stands at:

4 vs -5 = +9

So that’s the secret to keeping the Tally in the black, minus numbers!

So, what’s next? My focus remaining true and finishing off the last of my Frostgrave warband, then it’s Warhammer time!


  1. Great looking tracker, and what a great gift to get your friend started.

  2. Hmm, interesting mini, I like the general aesthetics and how you made it fit into the warband. Cool job!

    1. His pose is perfect. Hunched down, reading the earth, cautioning everyone else to wait as he peers for a sign. Plus he definitely looks like he can live off the land.

      Fantastic work!