Thursday 30 December 2021

Spooky scary…

So, a couple of weeks back I looked at a calendar and saw just how little time there was left, so headed down to the basement to have a rummage through the boxes of miniatures to find some bits and bobs that I could paint to get my numbers up, and found some Dungeons and Dragons Wraiths… and then some more Wraiths, so onto the painting tile they went, as there are dozens of games that can benefit from some spooky types:

I like that each set of sculpts are based on different eras of D&D art; the ones from the old board game (that despite being all monopose sculpts have actually furnished me with a variety of things to paint) being based on this art:

Spooky! Mostly painted with a lot of drybrushing while watching Black Widow!

They don’t look as high contrast as this in real life, alas due to it being night time these pictures were taken using the garishly bright dining room light…

While digging through the boxes, I also found these other figures (originally from the Attack Wing game I think, gifted to me by my DM years ago) based on more modern Wraith art:

The details are a little soft, especially around their odd metal masks, but I think they turned out alright. Don’t look too closely at those masks though.

Being that they’re from Attack Wing, they were mounted on clear tubes. The first one I set out an elaborate system of bent pins to attach it to the base, but for the other three I went with the old faithful boatload of superglue, which worked just as well for one tenth of the effort. A couple of them got their tube adjusted at the tip, so that they would sit on the base at a funky angle and make them look a little more varied. 

And with these painted, the Tally stands at:

52 vs 36 = +16

I don’t know that I’ll be able to finish anything else before the weekend, so I’ll wish you all a Happy New Year now!


  1. Scary ones. I like their eerie lookings, nicely done!
    Happy 2022!

  2. These turned out really well, and have a very ethereal look to them.

  3. Happy New Year!! Super spooky stuff, which have turned out very well, imho. I was especially interested in the Attack Wing figures as that Fantasy variant seemed to die before it was even released, so its rare to see people blogging about their thoughts on the mini (or game).