Sunday 6 December 2020

A litre of what?

(Is what my wife asked us when we replied ‘Alita’ when she asked us what we were going to the cinema to see)

So, cyberpunk is cool right? There’s a video game coming out imminently that I’m probably not going to get for a while, having too much in the backlog already, but here’s a mini that would be perfect for gaming that:

When we came out of the cinema after seeing Alita, I was all fired up for cyberpunk, and kept thinking to myself ‘I want to play a game where I buy arms’, having fond nostalgic feelings for games like Syndicate on the Amiga, and then found myself scrolling through the Crooked Dice store and stumbled across this beauty!

It’s a beautiful sculpt that takes paint exceptionally well, although as previously mentioned on the blog I did sand down her nipples, as in the bare metal they were ... really something else. The arm is great, the gun is great, even her shoes look delightfully futuristic! Special shout out to the hacking desk hanging from her belt, which I painted with colourful cables and then gave it a grubby cream body like it was a piece of 80s kit (because after all, cyberpunk is the past’s view of the future, no?). I dug out a Foundry Asian flesh triad as well, as the future is multicultural.

Here’s a picture of her knee deep in rubbish:

(In hindsight, I should have had this shot lit by the light of a flickering computer monitor for proper aesthetics)

Painting her brings my total of painted miniatures for the year to 45, but as we’re at the point in the year where it becomes obvious that there’s absolutely no chance that I’m going to get the Tally back into the positive before the end of the year the postman has been with some treats:

A couple of back issues of Wargames Illustrated with free sprues - American War of Independence Militia (because we watched Hamilton months ago and apparently I have a sickness whereby everything I see or hear translates into 28mm in my head) and Samurai (or at least they were advertised as samurai on the website, but what actually came was Ashigaru with bows, less useful for what I actually wanted them for, converting into zombies for a Japanese Fantasy project that I’ll hopefully write more about in the near future) and a Giants in Miniature... miniature, Lord Callan from the recent Never Mind the Billhooks release, who will probably find new life as a Redanian Sergeant;

A Citadel Sanity Claws, as I’d been fancying painting one of these as a festive treat for years and a nice seller on eBay was able to furnish me with one, as well as a freebie Witch Aelf from Games Workshop that I got on the same day - the 24 year difference between the two models really shows!

And then today, a freebie Plague Marine from GW, when I popped in to pick up a pot of paint suitable for painting Temerian blue;

Which brings the final Tally for this post to:

45 vs 133 = -88


  1. Great looking Cyberpunk model, and nice little haul

  2. I always roll my eyes at minis that have visible nips. In-scale, it's usually like they stuck fucking pudding cups under their shirt :\ Anyway, nice character here! She s VERY 80's-cyberpunk, which I love.