Tuesday 29 December 2020

2020 winding down...

Having come to terms with the fact that I’m not going to be able to hit my target of 52 painted miniatures this year, I’ve instead turned my energy to prepping some miniatures for next year’s painting!

I’ve also dug out some miniatures for a project that I haven’t posted about yet (but have confusingly written about in an as-yet unpublished draft of a post) to prep, and have been struck by the discrepancy in size between ranges:

Now I’m not usually a stickler for scale, but these em4 chaos look positively dinky next to the old Clan War miniatures! Luckily I’ve only got a couple of them, so I think that with some careful basing they should blend in with other ‘medium’ sized ranges, just looking like the bottom and top end of the scale!

Also, Christmas happened, and my family furnished me with some miniature goodies:

Some Reaper Mushroom Men, a not Mando, and some House Stark expys, taking the Tally to:

47 vs 147 = -100

Which of nothing else is a pleasingly round number to end on...

My plan for New Years Eve is going to be prepping more minis for next year, watching the Big Fat Quiz of the Year with my wife and drinking a festive beverage, so Happy New Year to everyone in advance!

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