Sunday 27 October 2019

Zomtober week 4: the circle is complete

If by circle you mean the challenge, that is.

Week four is another survivor, from Hasslefree this time:

As always with a hasslefree miniature, she’s a lovely sculpt, even though my attempts at fixing her pupil have left her with an entirely black eye looking somewhat like the mother from Coraline... Which admittedly I don’t completely hate, so am leaving as is. I might go back and see if I can get some definition back into her shoelaces though...

She was originally bought one Salute for the The Last of Us project, as I like that she has a torch, but she can pull double duty fighting her way through zombie hordes if needs be.

Painting her brings the Tally to:

15 vs 27 = -12

and also draws this Zomtober to a close - not my biggest year, being four ladies and a cameraman, but expect something related to appear in the next couple of weeks (as unfortunately I just couldn’t get them finished in time for this post! Unless I save them for next year...)

In other news, I had thought that the blogosphere was dying out, but having dug deeper it seems that my followed blogs weren’t showing up properly in Bloglovin (the reader app I use), so I’d been missing out on a ton of people’s blog posts! I’ve been taking steps to manually rectify this, so hopefully I won’t miss anything else!


  1. Very nicely done and what a great way to finish.

  2. That's a corking paint-job, myincubliss, and I can definitely see why you would want her for a "The Last Of Us" project. Very nice work indeed.

  3. Kev White does some fantastic detailing on his figures. You have done it justice.

  4. She's a nice sculpt and I think you've painted her up nicely.

    Well done on the challenge mate.

  5. Nice work. I recently stripped this one and plan to repaint it one day.

  6. She looks excellent. The blogosphere is not dead, pls keep posting for this humble peasant! Any chance of following your Instagram? I’m poymo82 on there :)