Sunday, 20 October 2019

Zomtober week 3: once more unto the deadline...

I honestly thought I was making good progress on this week’s submission, but once again I found myself spending my Saturday night adding the finishing touches! Also, my usual plans for something bigger (like a previous big finish) for Zomtober have had very little work done on them, so we may end up with a week of Zomtober appearing in November, but I digress...

Another beautiful Crooked Dice survivor this week:

Colour scheme selected by the fact that my wife wants a yellow coat, and I thought it would be a fun colour to dirty up (spoilers: it was!). I really should grubby up all of my survivors, it’s very satisfying to do and looks better (and also can hide a multitude of sins)...

She has a water bottle, that underneath all the dirt and scrapes is a rather nice blue, as if pre-catastrophe she was probably a VSCO girl (hey I’m hip!)

Painting her brings the Tally to:

14 vs 27 = -13

So, three weeks of hitting the deadline! I’ll commit to finishing and posting at least another Survivor by next Sunday, and anything else that I manage will just be a bonus...


  1. What a smashing miniature and lovely paint job too.

  2. Nice figure! My first thought on seeing her was Dr Who?
    Good choice to dirty them up too!

  3. Cracking job. One of my faves from this set.

  4. Great figure... grimy yellow is never a bad idea :D It really is a great sculpt (gaunt face, windblown coat!) and you did it justice.

  5. The yellow looks sweet, especially all muddied up. Lovely work mate.