Saturday 21 October 2017

Something something heart something

Unusually on schedule this week with the next Zomtober offering - another Studio Miniatures Wizard of Oz themed survivor:

The Cowardly Lion reimagined as a sports mascot. There was a weird vogue for these when I started the zombie project (I think Zombiesmith may have made a couple that just seemed to crop up everywhere), but I think I'm far enough behind that it's become niche again! 

I guess there's some logic to the idea too - although you'd lose pretty much all manoeuvrability, the thick padding might actually make a pretty decent defence against zombie bites...

I'm sure there are better weapons than a hockey stick to protect yourself from the undead though (although it's something you can swing with both hands, and can be used to keep biters at arms length while you make good your escape... hmm, maybe I've undersold the hockey stick in the past!). Uniform colour was selected entirely randomly - I was rooting around in my paints and unearthed a pot of Sotek Green. Yellow stripes and badge were added just to give a little flourish, rather than any attempt to emulate any actual sports teams insignia!


33 vs 40 = -7


  1. Brilliant fun! I've seen this set and managed to avoid 'adding to cart', but you may just have sold it to me.

  2. It's a bit off the wall sculpt wise but appealing none the less. You have done a great job with the painting and basing as always.

  3. Terrific stuff. An incredibly characterful sculpt made all the better with your excellent paint-job. I think the contrast between the Sotek Green and the yellow/brown of the lion's costume is awesome :-)

  4. Lovely work on a great characterful mini (I too love the look of this set). Great stuff. :)

  5. Just crazy enough that it might work. Nice paint job.