Wednesday, 20 May 2015

I'm not a blogger, I'm a blagger...

Jests aside, it was an exciting post day today as my advance copy of the upcoming Osprey wargame Frostgrave turned up at work:

I've got next week off of work for the wife's birthday, so hopefully I'll be able to dig into this!

Other than that, not a lot has happened in the fortnight since my last post. Foundry were excellent with their customer service and sent me shades of black paint that weren't in the pack I bought at Salute, and feeling fancy and grown up I went to an actual art shop and bought a couple of proper brushes to try out rather than just continuing to use the battered GW brushes I always use:

I've mostly built and undercoated my copy of Execution Force, which I will hopefully get around to painting so I can test out the gameplay:

And started watching the Marvel movies again with the wife after our previous attempt lost steam, complete with some thematic painting:

I beat a number of 10 year olds at Laser Tag, because being a Godparent doesn't make me a good enough person to just let them win:

As well as eating and drinking disgustingly (peaches and cream malt shake from the local artisanal burger bar ftw):

As well as endeavouring to grow things from seeds like real adults:

Wow, that got rambly there, back to pictures of painted little men at some point in the near future!


  1. Never "just let them win" dude!

  2. That was a quite interesting and eclectic collection of activities :-)