Friday 6 March 2015

A long time coming...

Unbelievably, I finished painting the converted Lannister House Guard that I started way back in June 2013:

They're plastic Minas Tirith bodies with all insignia removed, with cast converted heads and roman oval shields with a cast on lion insignia from an Advanced Heroquest figure, led by a Finecast Minas Tirith hornblower with a Perry head (mostly for the pursed lips) and the sword that was broken by the lot he came in being sent in a bag with zero packaging material by an unthinking seller cunningly replaced with one from the Perry mounted men at arms set:

I filed away the front of the hand to allow the graft of the whole piece from the Perry set, rather than trying to pin a teeny thin blade onto his fist...

Completing these 8 miniatures doubles the current size of my Lannister forces, so I suppose I should get round to painting a hero type or two to lead them... 

(Ignore Dengar for now...)

Tally - 14 vs 15 = -1


  1. Nice conversions and lovely paintwork! I'm greatly enjoying watching this GoT project go!

  2. Would love to see more of this work. When you get around to it, come share it over in our Lead Adventures Forum. We have a large compilation of GoT projects now!

    1. I think I did already, back in the day [goes to check]