Tuesday 26 August 2014

Vader's Fist

Pregnant ladies need naps, and thus I found myself with some free time today. 

Plenty of coffee and all three Robot Chicken Star Wars specials later, I had the basis of an Imperial skirmish force:

Two squads of eight, each with a sergeant, corporal and heavy weapon trooper; a Raxus Prime Trooper sculpt stands in for a leader in experimental armour; Darth Vader (for when absolutely every single rebel the other side of the table needs to no longer be counted among the living); and a Dark Side Adept for when you don't want that level of massacre but still want someone with a lightsaber. 

The bendy plastic sculpts aren't the best (especially on the heavy weapon troopers, unfortunately), but with careful use of reference material and a steady hand blacklining, they start to look the part!

Excitingly, finishing these is a significant boost to the tally:

56 vs 36 = 20

What to paint next though? I should maybe think about some Rebels to oppose them, or maybe some Scout Troopers (maybe even one converted to a sniper) to add to the Imperials. I've got a Death Star Protocol Droid ready that would be a quick paint job to use as an objective:

Or maybe the quite frankly beautiful (but incredibly, needlessly fiddly) Knight Models Boba Fett will catch my eye:

Or, who knows, maybe I'll get distracted and paint some zombies or apes or a third as yet unspecified thing, in which case I already have the following image ready: