Sunday 24 August 2014

Project distraction

Oh, it's already been nearly a month since the last post! I know I was all set on finishing my Space Marines, but playing Star Wars Battlefront with my godson yesterday put me in the mood for some miniatures from a galaxy far, far away, so I dug out these:

Although as it's our paper anniversary, my wife got me this:

Which has given me a hankering to clean up some miniatures for my The Last Of Us project. Alas, Miniature Mojo is currently still not taking orders, or (as soon as I build up more of a buffer on the Tally) I'd be grabbing some of their Infected as conversion material...

Speaking of the Tally, John gifted me a miniature for donating some bits from my bits box for a Blood Bowl ogre conversion:

I didn't ask for anything, but he knew I'd managed to get the tally back into the black... Still there though:

37 vs 36 = 1

In other news, I've got another upcoming project that will continue to divert me from getting any painting done:


  1. Congratulations dude!

    There are some great gameplay movies on youtube of 'The Last of Us' like watching an animated movie!