Saturday 3 May 2014

Work table Saturday: Firefly, skeleton and Myconids...

Had I been more productive last Wednesday, this would have been a paint table Saturday, but alas it just wasn't meant to be. 

First of all, a gunslinger type for Firefly:

Star Wars miniatures body (having originally donated his head for a VSF Martian conversion that I realise now has neither been painted or posted despite having been built at least three years ago) with an Anvil Industries head that I picked up at Salute.

Yes, I know, I changed my mind on what basing system to use for Firefly. I'd only finished a couple of miniatures before now for this project though, so it won't be too much work to go back and rebase miniatures. 

Although this spate of preparation productivity started with me wanting to paint a skeleton miniature that I had knocking around (that you'll see at the edges of coming photos), I ended up with the urge to prep some mushroom men. As I'm sure I mentioned in a previous post, my love for myconids came from an old Inquest supplement, but really, what's not to love? Myconids are categorically awesome:


Rockin' Myconid pics aside, I've cleaned up all the mushroom chap miniatures I own, some Agarix from Hasslefree and Myconids from Ral Partha:

Whilst converting one of the Ral Partha chaps into a Rotpriest (one day, 4e, one day) with a little mushroom staff, I had a little bit of an accident:

Judicious use of liquid Green Stuff and Superglue managed to fix it though, but it was a pain as it was such a thin contact point that I couldn't pin it for strength:

Looking through my notes on ideas for Myconid encounters, I found this statblock:

Hmm, what miniatures could we grab back from John that would make a good basis for a floating mushroom spore?

Pow, minus 4 to the Tally (now 22 vs 34 = -12), but 4 more minis to paint! Apparently, I didn't take any pictures this morning of the minor conversion work that I did on these to repurpose them to my needs, so you'll just have to use your imagination for now...

Having made my Rotpriest conversion, I wanted to do something with the other Ral Partha Myconid that had a more exciting looking cap, and after a dig through my bits box turned up a GW goblin mushroom piece, he looks like some sort of wizard farmer (is he about to stroke those mushrooms, or is he summoning them?)

Which brings us to where I am now, waiting for the glue on the basing to dry so that I can start applying undercoat!


  1. Nice selection of figures dude.

  2. What a wonderful result, can't wait to see what those spores and shrooms look like painted up.

  3. Very cool Myconids and the star wars figure re-purposed looks great.