Thursday 29 May 2014

So, yeah...

I bought a tank today.

It was a moment of weakness. I had 55 points left to spend (and a £5 voucher burning a hole in my wallet) and a razorback was exactly that (the points, not the money). 

Brings the tally down to:

22 vs 35 = -13

But hey, new toys! Unusually, I've actually built something the same day I bought it...

As the wife was reaching a couple of friends to knit tonight, when I wasn't bringing people cups of tea or cooking dinner I got to spend some quality tank building time...

However, having people round and rewatching episodes of Firefly isn't necessarily the most conducive environment to model making...

As I realised just after gluing the lid on, I missed installing the interior wall and had to tear it apart...

Which led to some filing and green-stuffing to try and tidy it up afterwards...

All's well that ends well though, as I now have me a tank!

Which brings me up to 500 points built (and based)!


  1. Now who doesn't want a tank? Looking forward to seeing it with some paint on.

  2. Strong hold the darkside has.

  3. The Razorback is just such a fun looking tank too. I can't wait to see this force painted up!