Thursday, 23 May 2013

Reasons to love Heresy (Miniatures)

Digging through a shoebox full of miniatures intended for 7tv and Strange Aeons (and Fallout, and random miniatures I bought because I liked the look of them like the Black Cat Bases Bounty Hunter - what can I say, this shoebox is less organised than you might think) looking for a Crooked Dice head sprue that I thought I'd bought at Salute a couple of years back that I thought would be perfect for a Beric Dondarrion conversion, but apparently I do not in fact own, and I found this:

An old Heresy packing note. But why is that blog post worthy, I hear you cry? Why have you kept this slip of paper all this time? Well, in the special requests box on the confirmation page of placing my order, I asked for a haiku from Craig, Andy's then-packing minion, and this is what I got:

It's service like this that makes me want to keep supporting companies like Heresy, so long may they endure!


  1. ha ha that is great. Its service like that that makes me want to buy stuff from companies just for the service!

  2. What a wonderful thing great service is.