Wednesday 10 April 2024

Badger badger badger badger

 Mushroom mushroom:

These mycelium marauders got jumped up the painting queue as I needed them for the family D&D game.

Unfortunately, my family made faster progress than I expected, so they were only basecoated when they made their tabletop appearance, but I figured I might as well still power through and get them finished.

Also, check out that natural light! Too much, some might say… that might be all we have from now on though, as it seems my painting lamp has given up the ghost.

Painting these brings the Tally to:

7 vs 14 = -7

Excitingly, D&D has become a weekly thing in our house now - the party have solved the mystery of why the myconids were acting weird, fought a weird fire snake, levelled up to second level, and on their way back got jumped by some Kobolds, who in turn got jumped by an Owlbear.

We also got the children minis for their characters, and we even converted one at my eldest’s insistence so it more closely matched her character:

What was previously a sword becomes a sling with a bit of ingenuity and some wire! Now we just need to paint them…

What comes next? It’s Salute this Saturday, so I suspect the Tally taking quite the hit. Also, the car ride up will definitely involve a certain number of new projects being planned, as well as definite declarations of how we’re definitely going to get the previously planned projects onto the table this year…


  1. Oh, they look really great, fantastic paintjob. But I have to say I'm a huge fan of the sling conversion, it's tremendously effective, well done!

  2. The are terrific myincubliss. I do need to do some mushroom men myself at some point. Have a top time at Salute. Looking forward to seeing all your loot..!!