Tuesday 14 February 2023


Needing some webbed victim tokens to play the second Rangers of Shadow Deep scenario, so I set about making a DIY solution. 

Step 1 - grabbing some 25mm round bases and a deep dive into the bead pot:

I glued these in a variety of off-centre configurations to try and give the impression of a squashed up body inside rather than just all being ramrod straight.

I dig out my old milliput, but it’s seen better days…

Despite my best efforts to rejuvenate it, I just ended up making a wet sticky mess, so had to raid my children’s art supplies for some craft clay. I roughly shaped the web cocoons from clay over the bead base, and then went over them with a variety of tools to scrape in some horizontal indents to try and give the impression of threads:

This was all done last… September I think? Then Zomtober hit, and these got pushed down my priority list, then it was Christmas, then I was prepping for the first game in my Last Days campaign… I finally got around to finishing them off this week though, with the application of plenty of drybrushing. Et voila, five perfectly serviceable web cocoon tokens:

I know you only need four for the scenario, but from memory there’s a result on the events table that might add an additional one to the table, so I figured it was best to make five. And here they are in a posed shot:

Next stop: playing a game! At some point.

In other news, being that today is Valentine’s Day, my daughter asked if we could work on her Arale model kit (that we’ve been working on very sporadically for the last couple of years) while her brother was at nursery, and here’s where that is now:


  1. The web tokens look great, and fun times with your daughter are priceless.

  2. Very clever use of the beads, I really like the result. Duly noted!

  3. Very convincing webby victims! Think I like those more than the typical humanoid-shaped offerings out there.

  4. Very nice! I really like the way you've sculpted the webs.