Saturday 7 November 2020

Happy N7 Day!

In another out of character timed post this year, I decided to paint up a little something to celebrate N7 Day this year:

A light armour spaceman from Brother Vinni that I picked up at Salute a few years back that coincidentally makes an ideal stand-in for everyone’s favourite Shepherd:

He’s a lovely little sculpt, as is everything I’ve had from Brother Vinni, and looks quite nice in hand, even if my photography doesn’t do him much justice...

Here he is literally in hand, to get a better idea of the colours:

After taking these pictures, I went back and gave his base an additional bone drybrush, as it was looking a little bland (as the first time I painted it, I went a bit too heavy and it looked too monochrome, so I washed it back down and started again, but was perhaps too timid the second time!)

So, Shepherd is the first miniature completed for the Mass Effect project that I’ve had on the back burner for at least five years (as I think I started gathering bits for it when my wife was pregnant with our first child), and will probably never actually get used, as he’s something of a one man army, which makes it a little hard to use in a friendly game with an opponent... maybe if we start yet another Rangers of Shadow Deep project... Either way, he was a fun little mini to paint, regardless of whether he ever gets to leave the figure case again!

Painting him brings the Tally to:

43 vs 111 = -68

Nine more to hit that one a week average challenge for the year!

...or at least it would have been, if not for the timely arrival of this lovely little box of joy from Russia the day before this post was scheduled to go live:

Four miniatures that entirely coincidentally look like characters from the Witcher series, what luck!

Which leaves the Tally at 

43 vs 115 = -72


  1. N7 day is a thing? I can never keep up with this hobby ;D

    This is a great figure, I'm pretty sure it was specifically intended as a nod to Commander Shepherd. With your paint job, he's a dead ringer, so good job.

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