Wednesday 19 August 2020

The peasants are revolting!

 Here they are, in their grubby glory:

Produced by Foundry, these were originally purchased a while ago with the intention of having some bystanders for a scenario in the A Song of Ice and Fire project where the Mountain terrorises the locals, but my intention to play some Rangers of Shadow Deep had me dig them out of storage and paint them up! They even have painted eyes, making them finished to a higher standard than the majority of my Starks or Lannisters...

Technically, I only really needed 3 peasants for the scenarios, but I figured I might as well get the whole pack done rather than resigning some of them to the fate of rattling round in the drawers of minis for who knows how long...

Finishing these brings the Tally to:

25 vs 68 = -43

Almost halfway to my target of 52 painted miniatures this year, with only four months to go...

So what’s next? Finishing these means that I should have all of the miniatures that I need to play though the first Rangers of Shadow Deep mission, so next comes terrain! I actually finished these miniatures a fortnight ago, so I’m further ahead on the next steps than you might otherwise expect...


  1. Lovely work and good to see the obligatory pitchfork in the mix.

    1. Yes... perfect as regular serf infantry, or a posse protecting their village from a vampire or mad resurrectionist :)

  2. Great looking models mate 😀

  3. Great bunch. I can practically... smell them XD