Friday 19 June 2020

A spearwife without a spear tip...

...does that make her a staffwife?

I finished the final miniature needed for my Rangers of Shadow Deep party, the Tracker:

A lovely Frostgrave sculpt, that I really messed the face up on but after a few more passes I liked how he rest of the model looked so didn’t want to strip it and start again! Lockdown has been tough, I think I need to get some new brushes...

This miniature was originally purchased to be a Spearwife in my Wildling project, but was plucked from the queue of undercoated miniatures to get a slightly brighter paint job than she would have otherwise! I’m especially a fan of the various beads sculpted in her hair, which add a splash of colour - I probably would have stuck to neutral bone and wood colours has I been painting her solely as a Wildling, but I added some pops of gold, blue and green instead, imagining that she’s acquired some pretty beads and trinkets on her travels.

Finishing her takes the Tally to:

17 vs 68 = -51

Thinking about it, she’d also make a nice dnd Ranger, so I’ll include her in the Classes project too!

Coming next: the whole party!

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  1. Nicely done, but in my slight sleepy state, I read the title as my spare wife, suffice to say I expecting something completely different!🤣