Monday 4 May 2020

Doctor Aphra, I presume?

This year’s May the Fourth miniature is this Doctor Aphra expy:

Originally released for Rogue Stars, I thought she’d make a delightful stand-in for Chelli Aphra (it’s the goggles, more than anything else!), everyone’s favourite Archaelogist/downright awful human being.

I was tempted to try and add a flying cap too, but thought it would be a shame to lose the nicely sculpted hair - hey, people take hats off sometimes you know!

I read the entire run of comics she appeared in earlier this year, highly recommended for anyone that’s a fan of shenanigans, murder droids, and further shenanigans. There’s also a run drawn by Kev Walker, which is always a win in my book! As previously mentioned, she’s a terrible human being, and I love her.

The miniature isn’t an exact match for Aphra’s comic outfit, so I went for something evocative rather than an exact match. I’d originally intended to paint the jacket a reddish brown, with an orange collar to more closely match her comic appearances, but after putting on a base coat of Mephiston Red I was so enamoured with it I just carried on! I gave the collar a bit of orange detail though as a nod:

Also, she was painted over a grey undercoat, and between that and the delightful Mark Copplestone sculpt was an absolute pleasure. From this experience, I think I’m now sold on grey under coats over black, although even with the light box my pictures don’t quite show the colours properly, so here’s a wonky picture of me holding her a bit closer to the lights in the hopes of showing that I do in fact apply the occasional highlight to my miniatures:

Ah, you’ll just have to take my word for it!

If I see the murder droids that are her sometimes companions, sometimes foes in a bargain bin at a show, I'll grab them to keep her company, but for now she's flying solo, and finishing her brings the Tally to:

2 vs 56 = -54

Next: who knows? There are a variety of odds and ends on my paint palette, but on the other hand, I'm just about to start the Witcher series again, so I may get sidetracked making miniatures from that universe...


  1. I kind of hate this character, but I feel like it's more because I don't think many fans REALIZE she's not just an "anti-hero". She's purely self-interested. So, your description is apt :) Anyway, nice figure! Maybe you could line up some R2/C3P0 models to convert into the murder droids?

  2. Great figure and terrific paint-job, myincubliss. An interesting character in the comic book world imho, and certainly one which seems to carved herself a notable niche within "Star Wars" lore.

  3. Love this, I recently stumbled across her stories and found them a breath of fresh air. Great adaptation for Aphra.

  4. Aphra is one of my favourite characters in recent Star Wars, purely because she's so different from every other character you come across. Great work on the figure