Thursday, 16 January 2020

A short essay on self-control and focus

Me, not long ago: right, I’ve got my projects set for the year, now to scratch that cyberpunk itch with some Reality’s Edge.

Bloodbeard posts A short, informative review of Zona Alfa


So now we have this:

Initial impressions after a quick flick through are good - nicely thematic, simple enough to get into quickly but not suffering for it, with lovely presentation that’s the standard for an Osprey rulebook. I read an interview with the author this week where he said something along the lines of ‘I want to make games where afterwards you talk about the battle rather than the rules’, which I like a lot...

As well as this, obviously I grabbed a copy of the new Mortal Realms partwork, as £3 for a bunch of conversion fodder was too hard to pass up!

This does however take the Tally down to:

0 vs 13 = -13

Excitingly, my D&D group is back to playing, after taking a hiatus for the birth of my son, and our DM has been making some upgrades in the interim...


  1. Brilliant, still in January and the plans have been derailed. That said, Zona Alpha does look cool.

  2. I succumbed to the same magazine.

  3. The chain raps will be re-purposed as wraiths or other un-dead type monsters. The Sequitors will have to become statues for scenery purposes, the scale size is more ogre than human and the background reads as if they are sword wielding space marines. Fantastic sculpts and exceptionally inventive plastic kits.

  4. Do you find having loot tokens on the table makes all the players more grabby/hard edged about how to divvy it up?