Thursday 26 December 2019

Hobby Christmas Loot

Christmas brought Hobby treats this year:

A set of Cultists of the Abyss from my children (my wife was less than impressed at my suggestion that I’d exchange them for Escalation in order to have the same models but also have the rules to use them - at the same time, I still haven’t finished painting the main game that I got last Christmas, so adding an expansion into the queue probably isn’t the wisest move, so I’ll probably paint this set, and when I get round to picking up Escalation I can cannibalise the cultists that come with it for conversions); a miniature version of my wife’s pop up photo booth (presumably so that now I won’t ask her to get her large one out every time I need to take a picture of a single 28mm miniature); and a Citadel paint stick, as we were amused by it last time we were in GW picking up the latest White Dwarf (I’m surprised that I didn’t get a red paint handle too, although that might be as my wife’s eyes glazed over slightly as I and a Gw staffer tried to explain our joke about things getting painted faster on a red handle...)

These treats bring the Tally to:

37 vs 42 = -5

Back into the negative we go with only a few days left of the year! I’m not mad about it though, my family chose some miniatures that they knew I’d like, which is more important than an arbitrary self-set target any day of the week...

(Although the temptation to try and smash out a couple of miniatures quickly is very real, only tempered by the fact that the entrance to the basement where all my painting gear and miniatures are is currently barricaded behind a pile of stuff that we had to move to make space for Christmas Dinner yesterday... also, the fact that I’m probably going to buy the retail exclusive Grombrindal as tech priest miniature tomorrow...)


  1. You got a light box? Nice. I'd love one but I don't care enough to lay out any money or allocate storage space 😆

    As for the game/figures... Buy the expansion later and hock its figures on eBay?

    I didn't get any miniatures for Xmas this year. I asked for nothing and got almost nothing which is fine with me. But I did GIVE some... to my 8yo daughter who expressed interest in painting 😀 so she got her own #1 brush and a couple of large-ish Nolzur's figures!

    1. The booth folds down almost flat, and is approximately the size of a catalogue or book when stored...

      Good to hear about spreading the love to the next generation!