Monday, 30 September 2019

Do you hear... sniffing?

So I've actually managed to finish painting multiple miniatures, in a shocking twist of events!

I quite like these Ur-ghul miniatures, even though the poses are a little chorus line-esque.

They were painted using a mix of the GW and Midwinter minis youtube tutorials, and have come up looking rather good, especially when you consider that the majority of the paintjob is repeated drybrushes! I think these might also be the first miniatures that I've painted from a grey undercoat rather than my usual black. I'm glad that I took the time to go and outline some of the muscles, a step that I was originally going to skip, as it really makes them look a lot better - plus the liver spots are a nice little touch!

Completing these brings the Tally to:

6 vs 27 = -21

Hopefully I can press on and complete some more of the BSF miniatures to cross off that section of this year's Challenge - if inspiration wanes, I've got the tie-in novel ready to shepherd my attention span back this way!

Blackstone Fortress completion stats:

Explorers: 0/9
Enemies: 4/35


  1. Great job, although I wish you hadn't mentioned chorus line! Now I hear in the background, "five, six, seven eight..." and wonder where the leg warmers are? :D

  2. Michael beat me to it. I can't unsee the chorus line effect now. =P

  3. Very nice work, however... if you rotate all the hands forward they would have jazz hands.. then they would be perfect!


  4. Ick! Very... "Pickman's Model" :O