Monday, 5 November 2018

America! Fuck Yeah!

"Comin' again to save the motherfuckin' day, yeah"

A bit of a random one, this. It's something plucked half finished out of the painting queue that I worked on here and there whilst waiting for washes to dry on other things, mostly. He's a repainted Heroclix figure, so the facial detail is almost non-existant, but I'm passably satisfied with how the shield turned out, so there's that. After much deliberation, I went for a reddish leather effect on his gloves and boots, as a sort of halfway-house compromise between the movie style and the classic comic costume.

Finishing him means I now have a bevy of finished Avengers - but no one for them to punch... I do have a classic style Hawkeye eyeing me from my painting desk awaiting undercoat though, so who knows, you might see some more Avengin' types in the near future...

34 vs -46 = +80


  1. It may be a poor sculpt but your paint job gives him a gritty cinematic feel that probably looks great in a Weird War 2 OR super hero themed game :D

  2. That looks absolutely brilliant! Reminds me a lot of the first movie version of Cap 🙂