Thursday 31 May 2018

A belated Fallout wanderer...

A very belated post today - over a week ago now, I finally finished off the figure that I painted at Mantics paint and take stand at Salute:

I repainted a few things, like his kneepads, and added a Vault number to the back of his suit to tie him into the rest of the Fallout project (which was pretty much a complete accident - I only painted him blue and yellow originally as these were the colours that were to hand at the time!):

I left the vaguely ridiculous yellow gloves though, as they were such a pain to paint originally that I couldn't bring myself to paint over them - Army Painter yellow is veeeeeery thin, fyi.

I also repainted his face, again! I had a couple of goes at Salute, and then another at home, until I realised the reason that it kept coming out looking like a cadaverous skull, was that he's wearing glasses! As soon as this realisation struck, one more go across the face and it came out looking like something I was happy with!

I figure, looking at him, that he's someone that's robbed a vault suit from another survivor, given that he doesn't have a pip-boy, but has what looks like a pip-boy screen strapped to his belt - he's also turned out to be fairly well-timed, as the next Fallout game has just been announced, and seems to be a scavenge skirmish and survive type multiplayer game!

Finishing him takes the Tally to:

13 vs -69 = +82

Another thing that broke from the norm for me with this miniature was basing him after he was painted, as usually I like to sort any basing before the model gets undercoated. It seemed fine though (although I was a little nervous about cutting through a painted model to separate him from his integral base) - not that it wasn't without issue:

(I got distracted whilst doing something else at the same time and ended up glueing the base to the perspex on my desk, and snapping it in two when I tried to get it off)

Attempt number two was more successful though:

I'll probably stick to my usual method for most things, but I'm considering basing after painting some walkers from Mantic's Walking Dead game, as I'm planning on rebasing them on 30mm DS bases to match the rest of my zombie miniatures:

In other, tangentially related news, I also picked up some more Really Useful Boxes, as the 4 litre / A4 boxes are perfect for storing miniatures:

Unless you have pikemen, in which case you have to go back out the following day and buy a deeper box:

In other other news, the Mantic Hellboy Kickstarter finished, so expect a post about that in 9 months time...


  1. Lol I've glued my fingers to the model, glued the model parts to each other(wrong), and glued my fingers together, but I've never glued the base to the table. So I guess you accomplished something new...

    Anyway, this looks great! The color scheme is instantly recognizable, and there's enough weird esoteric gear in Fallout that pretty much any figure could fit in somehow. But his armor is about right, I'd say; kind of clunky and dieselpunk-looking.

  2. Lovely job on the Fallout wanderer and I am huge fan of the really useful box too, although they seem to be taking over the spare room at present - something that has not go unnoticed!