Thursday, 5 April 2018

I Spy with my little Eye...

Another mini plucked from the painting queue because it took my fancy, this time a Copplestone spy-fi type for 7tv:

Not a lot to say other than that really... Nice sculpt, Dark Reaper basecoat for the usual reasons...

Not my finest facial paintjob, and unusually I painted his pupils using an actual brush rather than a micron pen:

This is the first set of posted pictures taken using my wife's new lightbox. Better images mean you can see my painting better, which isn't necessarily a good thing...

Despite the closeness of Salute, I also bought a miniature this week. A nice chap on one of the Facebook groups had listed a bunch of out of production Doctor Who miniatures for sale, so I grabbed the 'not-Rory' that Crooked Dice used to make that I missed out on the first time round:

Also as it's Salute soon, my eBay auctions finished and some miniatures have gone off to their new homes, which leaves the Tally looking positively wacky:

9 vs -54 = +45

Not to worry though, just think of it as pre-Salute buffer...


  1. Lovely job on the spy and looks like you are all set for a spending spree at Salute! :)

  2. Nice work. I do love the KKBB Range.