Friday 16 June 2017

What do you get if you cross an owl with a bear? Banned from the zoo...

Ah, owlbears. Half owl, half bear, all twisted hate. Created just because they could be. The perfect pinnacle of 'a wizard did it'. I'm weirdly amused by them.

This delectable beast was originally a playing piece from an old Dungeons & Dragons board game that I rebased, and is a surprisingly nice sculpt for something that was originally monocoloured shiny plastic.

I think I basecoated him at least five years ago... but he ended up geting brought along for the ride when I took some miniatures to paint at work, with the finishing touches being added at home over the last couple of evenings. The feathers didn't come out quite as I'd envisioned, but I think other than that overall I'm fairly happy with him! You'll notice a lot more flock on the base than usual - this is due to my extensive research into the lush flora of the owlbear's natural habitat, and not to cover up some slightly dodgy basing with weird gaps left by past me, not at all.

And here he is terrorizing a hapless cleric - you can just about see his orange eyes from this angle. He'd have been completed and posted a day earlier if I hadn't decided that I needed to go back and add the tiny reflection spot of white on each eye...


28 vs 40 = -12

Next - who knows? I'm tempted to build some more scenery, or maybe did out the bag of bits for Inq28 conversions (as I've been poring over the Inquisimunda pdfs recently)... But then again, minus twelve on the Tally is tantalisingly close to being back in the black isn't it


  1. Well that's brilliant! I would have sworn that was a metal miniature if I hadn't read otherwise, impressive work Sir.

  2. Lovely painting. Excellent work. :)

  3. That turned out well. Looks excellent I never would of though it was a board game piece.