Tuesday 24 January 2017

Kickstarter came!

The Kickstarter I backed came!

Northern Mercenaries from Westfalia Miniatures! The main release was three groups of four miniatures, which I backed all of, as each group had a miniature or two that I just couldn't resist!

Oh, the Paladin that started off the whole shebang on the bottom left - she'll make a lovely northern lass for the ASOIAF project, maybe a rough and tumble Mormont Lady... The flagbearer should be god fun to paint too!

Left to right, top to bottom we have: Dynamic mega Cleric! Incredible weather-beaten future wildling princess! Cheesecake Wizard and Apprentice for Frostgrave!

The ridiculously dynamic thief aand wildling girl sheltering from the icy wind were the two miniatures that made this set an essential purchase...

I also added this sweet bard as an add-on. Normally I wouldn't be overly fussed about a bard (because I already have one for the oft-overlooked Classes Project) but just look at her! That pose! That hat!

There was also this cool little pack mule yeti, that I have very little practical use for but also can't wait to paint. As you can see, the resin miniatures are fairly flashy, but the majority of it comes away leaving no trace of it with the application of a fingernail, so the rest should clean up beautifully once I dig out the tools!

Alas, they didn't come before the new year, so they hit the Tally now:

1 vs 14 = -13

well, we had a good run. Three and a half weeks before we hit the red.