Sunday 6 March 2016

Did you see that thing move?

Last night I finished this batch of scarecrows that I've been scratching away at for a little while now:

Originally bought with the intention of using for Doctor Who games (based on The Family of Blood' episode), they will likely see more use in D&D (as the game I'm playing in was originally a Pathfinder game set in Ustalav that is currently being converted to 5th edition Ravenloft) or in Frostgrave (either as medium constructs or proxy henchmen in a necromancers warband).

Brief diversion - I saw the scarecrows at the Doctor Who Exhibition 5 years ago:

Chilling. Also very brown, but I mixed things up a little in my painting!

You might notice the final highlight on the miniatures bases are a little heavy; this is due to my tiny assistant being awake while I finished them up:

Playing her favourite games of 'how many of Daddy's paints can I hold at the same time' 'how many paints can I post into Daddy's shirt pocket' and 'wow, this cup is full of dirty water, I'm going to put a paintbrush in there too'.

The miniatures are a mix of Crooked Dice, Gripping Beast and Foundry:

The Crooked Dice scarecrows are the only multipart miniatures of the lot - the chap with the red jacket has had his right arm reattached more than once, despite my having pinned the limbs! They're a bit chunky, and there are only two sculpts, although I swapped the arms on the duplicates to give a little more variety. Looking back over old blogposts, I apparently got these in February. Of 2011.

The Gripping Beast sculpts are the closest to their on-screen look in the Doctor Who episode, with four pleasingly different sculpts. 

The Foundry sculpts are the least like the Doctor Who scarecrows, because they're not meant to be! If I recall correctly, they're part of their undead range, and very characterful with it - there are chunks of wooden framework visible through tears in their clothes, and they look lashed together before being animated and armed!

Finishing this large batch of lads brings the Tally to:

17 vs 0 = +17

which is a nice place to be, although with Salute just round the corner who knows where we'll end up. As to what's next, who knows? There are some generic fantasy miniatures clogging not up the project box that I could finish off to free up some space; maybe a member or two of Nextwave or some more Barman villains; alternatively, I should probably paint the halfling from Westfalia miniatures that I got at last Salute before a whole year has passed! My mantra is going to be: ''I do not need any more Perry Plastics. I do NOT need any more Perry plastics'...


  1. Excellent! They look fab they are far better for your assistants valuable help :)

  2. Very nice. They also look like the Scarecrows from an episode of RL Stein's Haunting Hour that my son was watching on Netflix.

  3. These look awesome. I know the feeling of having a little one leaving little time for building and gaming