Monday 24 August 2015

One man, and a crate of puppets...

Having finished my replay of Fallout 3 last night, I thought it high time I finished painting a Fallout themed conversion I'd had on the go for a couple of weeks:

Everyone read the Penny Arcade Fallout comics right? If not, google it (alas, as I'm posting on my phone I can't embed a link to in the text, boo to you app), I can wait.

Right, everyone back?

The majority of the conversion was based on an old Crooked Dice minion body, which I cut down the hand on (to fit inside the puppet), filed off some unwanted details like the pocket on the chest, and then pinned a pin head (liberated from the wife's sewing supplies) to the hand to act as a dolly for the green stuff work on the puppet.

Early one Sunday morning, I set about crudely green stuffing a Pipboy And the body of the puppet (cutting and flattening small squares of green stuff on my nail that were then smoothed into place using soft clay shapers). Detail on the Pipboy was added using a pin and a sharp knife to add the screen, nobs, vents etc.

Once that first application of green stuff had dried, I set about adding the arms (tiny sausages of green stuff that were an absolute pain to keep even and attached) and the hair of the puppet, which was literally liquid green stuff painted on with a brush, before a tiny blob of green stuff was added for the quiff, that was then blended in with more liquid green stuff. The head is from... a Westwind Saxon sprue I want to say?

I base coated him, and then promptly lost all motivation to paint for a week or so. 

Completion Fallout 3 though, I decided to polish off the last few bits and get him done! In hindsight, I should probably have also removed the clips on the front of his jumpsuit, but it's not so bad as to be a deal breaker I think. Plenty of dirt and gore really add to the look of the crazed wanderer, I think!

He even got some shaky freehand for the number of his vault (I had originally planned to use a waterslide transfer as a base for this, but couldn't seem to find a pair of sevens in the right size!)

He even has a tiny stick figure like spot on his Pipboy, for added nerdiness.

And thus, the first miniature for my Fsllout project completed! I see him as something like a rare result on an encounter table, that would wander out of the wastes and bludgeon players to death with his puppet!

Finishing him takes the Tally to:

24 vs 111 = -87

In other news today (well, technically yesterday I guess, as its one in the morning now) is my second wedding anniversary - here's to all the rest!


  1. Huzzah! And what a bloody brilliant start to the project it is too! Consider the idea nabbed!

  2. I love Fallout (all of them), this mini is brilliant! Nice conversion work!