Sunday 19 July 2015

Works in progress

Still beavering away on a few bits (in fact, posting this whilst waiting for a hot glue gun to heat up):

Half-finished scenery project started a couple of years ago that I suddenly thought 'hey, I could easily finish that and post about it' last night. Alas, PVA glue takes a lot longer to dry than I'd expected, so this is currently living in the cupboard of WIPs...

Other half-finished terrain project I'm currently trying to get to the point I can start painting, although as I'm working on it I keep thinking if I make the urban barricade / rubble multipurpose terrain I've been thinking about for a while I could paint it all at the same time and theoretically be more efficient (although realistically it's more likely that I'll just have twice as much half finished terrain awaiting painting next time I hit a productivity lull...)

Welp, in the course of writing this post I've discovered a load of bits of scenery that is put aside for building a graveyard, a bunch more bits of resin urban detritus to potentially go into making barricades, and given up on the hot glue gun as it's cheap and old and the glue is cooling and setting before I can get the two things I'm trying to attach together! Looks like a job for superglue and fervent under breath swearing instead then...


  1. At least you've moved them on a little more; I'm sure they will get there in the end.

  2. Isn't that the bugger with terrain? So many plans and ideas, no time, and glue takes forever to dry!