Thursday, 29 January 2015

Pathfinder - a first adventure

With the impending arrival of my daughter and the attendant construction of furniture and hiding of knives that that entails, I've not been able to get any painting time in, but fret Ye not fans of this blog, I've been getting in some alternate geekery in the meantime, playing in a Pathfinder campaign, the last session of which was last night...

My character, as previously posted

The original concept for my character was something along the lines of:

Vampire Hunter D 



But over the course of our level one adventure, he's turned more into 

Vash the Stampede


Immortal Rain.

As is often the case, at level one, your heroic intentions are usually let down by your low ability scores, but more often than not it's been my dice rolling that has caused this! Whenever I have some elaborate plan (often culminating in a ridiculous one-liner), staring up from the table at me seems to be this:

Elaborate acrobatics to spring at the villain's wife whilst disguised in his clothes and lying in the road covered in blood? Oh no you don't, and take a flash bomb to the eyes!

Also, my originally planned dark, brooding outsider with a dark secret and a dark past (did I mention dark enough times?) has found himself the face of the group, in part due to our party composition (one player is very reserved, the other took roleplaying as 'hurr, I'm a dwarf, I hit it with my hammer' while he still turned up), and in part due to me being a goon. He's gone from moody badass to goof with a determination for theatrics in very little time, and I'm okay with that!

We played through the published adventure Murder's Mark, which despite a couple of niggles was good fun - although it was quite slow going at times, as we approached the murder mystery with the determination of a CSI team, sure that if we asked the right questions (of everyone that could talk) and prodded every thing that we could prod, we'd find the right clues to piece together the puzzle and work it out for ourselves, rather than what would have been faster, bobbing along from encounter to encounter and having it revealed to us at the end! 

Long story short - we blundered into who was behind a string of murders, generally talking our way out of fights (as we're in the middle of a city, and trying to avoid devolving into murder hobos), accidentally murdered an innocent dwarf along the way (in the middle of the enemy lair, the one time I shoot first it's a prisoner being pushed into the room), and got handshakes and rewards from the grateful citizenry. The villain's wife, however, managed to escape (as our high speed chase was somewhat hampered by working out how to lower a wolf down a 25' shaft rather than leave him behind), so it looks like that will be our next adventure, to our GMs surprise - perhaps he assumed we'd rise above petty vengeance?

And so, Ichabod is level 2, with enough gold to fancy up his firearm, and we go on hiatus until my daughter is born, when hopefully he'll spend more time succeeding at needlessly acrobatic theatrics, and less time bleeding out...

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  1. That looked like great fun! Good luck with the upcoming new addition.