Saturday 27 December 2014

Just who is that brave and or stupid masked vigilante?

Determined to finish the year with the tally in the black, I've stormed ahead and finished another miniature:

Hasslefree's Aaron, inspired by a certain Kick Ass comic and film character. He was pretty much done before today, but I'd been putting off finishing him up by adding the pattern on the wetsuit as my freehand skills are a little lacking:

Perserverence and lots of holding my breath whilst carefully adding tiny splashes of paint and constantly referring to reference pictures later and he's done! 

The reference material was a bit of a pain though, as trying to get different angles on the suit proved somewhat difficult, as the design seemed to vary slightly between the different images that I'd gathered...

Ah well, finished is finished, which brings the Tally to:

79 vs 80 = -1

So close, so very close!

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