Wednesday 15 October 2014

My Pathfinder character, painted and converted!

So, as I've joined a Pathfinder game, I needed a character! Although I'd originally envisioned rolling up some sort of wild magic using bunny man sorcerer (borrowing heavy inspiration from a certain Crit Juice character, I'll admit), after perusing through my DMs (quite substantial) stack of rulebooks I remembered a particular Mage Knight miniature that I had knocking around that I could build a character around... Which is how I ended up rolling a Dhampir Gunslinger. 

(Hmm, this pic of the still wet wash on the hair is blurrier than it originally looked...)

Honestly though, despite my emo leanings, I'm aiming for more Vampire Hunter D meets Vash the Stampede by way of Gungrave than Edward Cullen!

After rolling stats (4d6 and take the highest 3, we're not so hardcore as to roll 3d6 in order as we briefly considered) I came up with this:

Well, I'd best not let anything hit me. Ever. Plus, being a dhampir, if he does get hit, it's going to be tough to heal... Never let it be said I choose the most powerful option over the most flavoursome!

Anyway, on to the conversion itself; this is the model that inspired my choice of class: 

An old Mage Knight Fanged Gunslinger, because what's not to love about a vampire with flintlocks?

Although my DM had said that if I had my heart set on using the mini as-is he'd find a way to let me have wings, I thought that might be a little munchkin-ish and overpowered so they were the first thing to go:

Two quick snips and a quick filing later we have one mini with his feet firmly on the ground:

Speaking of feet, being a plastic prepaint that has been sat in a box for gods know how long, his stance was a little ... wonky, for lack of a better word.

 A quick dip in some boiling water, a slight reposition and then a bath in cold water to set the pose later though and he was ready to get pinned to his new base:

Then it was just a case of adding some finishing touches, like green-stuffing over his back to smooth out where I'd removed his wings, and doing the same on his chest where I'd carefully scalpelled off the somewhat garish bat motif he was originally emblazoned with:

I'd originally planned to have him carting around a backpack and length of rope (both from my Mordheim box), but in the end settled on just a sheathed sword, as I couldn't seem to find a way to utilise the other pieces without him looking like a child on his first day of school...

Although, with his fairly low Strength score, it makes sense for him to be travelling light! Theoretically, he should never need to actually use his sword (as hopefully nothing will ever get that close!), but as they say it's better to have it and not need it than the opposite!

Then, it was just a case of getting him painted! I'm not entirely sold on the skin tone, as I mixed up a grey based flesh tone to try and give him a sallow, unhealthy look, but hey, if you don't experiment you never learn anything.

[Tally - 67 vs 36 = +31]

To anyone that follows me on Instagram, I apologise in advance if there's a sudden surge in pictures of me winning Pathfinder (and other such cliched jokes) tonight, but it's the first proper session with this group...


  1. Great stuff. Love these kind of postings. Really good paint job and nice to see a Mage Knight figure in action once again, especially when it looks so much the better following your conversion.

  2. What a great conversion and paint job to create a totally unique character.

  3. Very nice work on the conversion. :)