Tuesday 16 April 2013

25,000 pageviews, what I'm working on and plans for Salute...

So, this old blog hit the 25k mark:

Which is very exciting, despite my oldest and dearest friend who's a web analyst having previously told me that in the trade 'hits' is an acronym for 'How Idiots Track Success'. Screw him though, I'm happy!

In other news, work continues apace (well, apace might be a little generous) on painting miniatures for the Dungeons and Dragons game I'm going to run, as the 8 half-painted miniatures sat next to me attest too. I've had terrible trouble with these, and had to use a lot of glazes to tie layers together, but that's a gripe for a later post...

Semi-related, I've had a miniature arrive that doesn't go on the tally... because it's my young lady's. Having finally rolled up her character, she set about choosing a miniature, and decided on this Reaper sculpt for her gnome swordmage:

She's also decided that she wants to paint it, which was something of a surprise, but exciting nevertheless. I've dug out my copy of Kevin Dallimore's Painting & Modelling Guide, and we'll see how it goes from there... (although there's every chance it'll end in her throwing a paintbrush at me as I offer words of encouragement, but I remain cautiously optimistic...)

Last but not least, it's four days until Salute! Unusually for me, this year I have things I'm actually looking to buy rather than just mooching around picking up random shinies that take my fancy (although that will still happen, don't you worry!) - historical miniatures for Game of Thrones! Perry, Fireforge, exciting times abound! I may even make a shopping list, but that might take the fun out of it... (plus, I really need to decide if I'm going to pre-order some Hasslefree minis, as I'm rapidly running out of time!)

Right, off to start Borderlands for 7 hours of Xbox, and in all possibility start a new project. I sometimes wonder if there's a technical term for the condition whereby I think of any form of media in terms of how I could turn it into a modelling project...


  1. Nice one!!! Here's to the next 25k!

  2. Here's to successful idiots! ;)

    Congrats on the hit count, and good luck painting with the young lady. My eldest and I get together to paint when she's in the mood, to which end, i have to buy more female models and animals to paint (she has no interest in painting boys).

  3. Very many congratulations on the milestone, great job Sir.

  4. Congrats, the dungeon and dragon's project sounds interesting I've always been a fan of RPG's.